How to Earn Rs. 1 Lakh per day from the Stock Market?: If you are a beginner or an expert with some knowledge of the stock market, then you might have heard that traders make around Rs. 50,000 to 1 lakh per day in the stock market.

This is true in most cases, but there are also factors that will contribute to the same.

Can you earn Rs. 1 lakh per day from the stock market?

  • Of course, it is possible to earn Rs. 1 lakh per day from the stock market by just indulging in it.
  • Achieving this target day after day is not easy for experienced investors and traders.
  • But it requires a lot of hard work and patience as well, as quick thinking as well as appropriate decision-making skills.
  • The stock market is well known for its ability to generate high returns and has a very complex environment, but can also be unpredictable at times.
  • Thus, it is easily possible to earn that much money each day from the share market.

Different ways to achieve the target of Rs. 1 lakh per day from the stock market:

Here is the list of ways through which you can earn Rs. 1 lakh from the stock market per day:

Here is the list of ways through which you can earn Rs. 1 lakh from the stock market per day

Delivery trading:

  • Delivery trading is a very common form of trading in the stock market.
  • In this type of trading, you will buy the shares of the company from your trading account and, once your buy order is executed, the company will automatically deliver those shares to your Demat account within T+2 days.
  • After the shares are delivered to your Demat account, you can then sell those shares at any point in time when you feel right.
  • This is a very good way to trade, but this might not be a good way to trade if you expect to make returns of Rs. 1 lakh daily.
  • This is simply due to the fact that there is a time delay here of 2 days from the date you have purchased your shares and then to actually get them delivered to your Demat account.

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Intraday trading:

  • This trading is the buying and selling of the shares of the company on the very same day.
  • The concept of T+2 days is not applicable here, and the entire share delivery process is completed within the same trading day.
  • Here, you will not need a Demat account, but you will need a trading account.
  • Traders while trading will have to select the option of intraday or MIS while placing their buy and sell orders.
  • If you forget to select this option, then the order will be converted into a delivery trade.
  • This type of trading has a higher chance of delivering quick returns because you can place multiple orders within a day.
  • But there are chances that the amount of return may not be as high as your trading amount.

Derivatives trading:

  • If you really wish to earn Rs. 1 lakh per day from the stock market, then the best way to trade is to trade through derivatives.
  • This type of trading of shares, such as futures and options, is more complex and will require in-depth research before you just start trading.
  • One of the main advantages of derivative trading is that you will not have to pay the entire amount of investment but rather only a small amount, which is known as the “margin“.
  • This trade will also allow you to purchase more contracts than the normal trade.
  • Derivatives carry a very high risk-reward ratio and they are something that only experienced individuals would wish to go for.

Main focus points to consider for earning Rs. 1 lakh per day from the share market:

The following are the main focus points to consider for earning good profits in the share market:

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The following are the main focus points to consider for earning good profits in the share market:

Be disciplined in your approach:

  • It is a form of having a set approach to stock trading where consistency is the key.
  • To earn Rs. 1 lakh per day, you will need to have a more disciplined approach, and that can help you go a long way.

Keep your expectations realistic:

  • Maybe one day you will have higher profits and returns than you might have expected.
  • It is important that such cases are not normal and are present only a few times.
  • Apart from having realistic expectations of what trade will give you, it is much better to approach stock trading.
  • The best realistic expectation is when you are investing Rs. 1 lakh in the stock market with the expectation of having a return of 10%, which comes to Rs. 10,000. This is called a realistic expectation.

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Keep a close eye on your investments:

  • If you have a portfolio of your investments, it is crucial to monitor them regularly.
  • Buy and hold” and “buy and forget‘’ approaches might work for individuals that have a very long-term view, but this will not be accepted if you wish to generate Rs. 1 lakh per day.
  • To have a much better position in the stock market, you will need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Do extensive research:

  • You may be tempted to obtain research reports and trading advice from established brokers, but you must resist this temptation.
  • If you still wish to follow them, then you are supposed to do extensive research.
  • Through this, you will be able to minimize the risk to a considerable extent.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Answer: The different ways are delivery trading, intraday trading, and derivatives trading.
Answer: Derivatives trading has the highest risk involved.
Answer: The most important factor is discipline.

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