How to Trade in Nifty Intraday?: Intraday trading defines the trade that starts when the stock market hours opens and ends on the same day with the stock market closes down. Intraday trading considers about the trading that has involved the buying and selling of the stocks. This also provides the facility of volatility and the liquidity in trading in the stock market. The positions are squared-off at the ending of the market closes down.

Steps for Trading in Nifty Intraday

  1. First of all, you need to choose a brokerage firm and after that, you need to open a Demat and Trading account that should be linked up with your savings bank account.
  2. After opening the Demat and trading account you need to study the graphics of the site in which you had opened your Demat account for that you need to understand the graphics and layouts.
  3. You need to get the knowledge of the stock market and about the intraday trading.
  4. After that, you should make yourself capable to select the right entry and exit point for nifty intraday and also the right stop-loss.
  5. You will be also needing the help of the right mentor that will give you the right direction for trading.
  6. You should also make a habit of reading the article, news and books daily and regularly.
  7. You need to get updated on a daily basis with the events that are accepted by the stock market.
  8. And the final step for the nifty intraday trading is to follow the steps with discipline and regularly.

Doing the trades in the nifty intraday trading is a similar procedure with the trading that is done in the process of trades when doing the intraday trading for the stocks. In this, you can convert the profits easily within a day and thereon the chances of making huge losses also arises. When the trader is following the market closely then the trader can predict the price momentum in the stocks or the indices.

Points to Remember when Trading in Nifty

  1. This enables you to use the leverage but you need to use it safely accordingly.
  2. You need to check the futures spread with the comparison of the spot before placing the trades.
  3. There are many margin implications in trading
  4. It protects from the overnight risk in the trading and you should beware of it.
  5. You need to understand the trading perspective from the counter party point of view.
  6. You need to make an eye on the dividends, transactions cost and the tax implications.
  7. You need to check the data on the open interest before taking any position in the stock market.

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