Which is Better Intraday or Delivery Trading?

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Which is Better Intraday or Delivery Trading?

Which is Better Intraday or Delivery Trading?

Which is Better Intraday or Delivery Trading?: For the traders who are not interested in long term trading or investing in the stock market, there is another option available for the trader is intraday trading. In this trading, type trader used to make money by making gauge over the screens for hours, minutes and makes money from this.

Delivery trading is what, when the trader wants to trade for years then he will trade in the stocks for more a day and takes a position in the stock market for long term perspective. It is not an easy task to execute you need to have the complete knowledge about the trading activity.

What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading involves the buying and the selling of the stocks that the period is within the same day during the market hours. This trading provides volatility and liquidity for the traders. You need to square off the position before the market closes or else if you do not choose it to square off the system will automatically square off your positions.


  • Intraday allows to buy the shares using margins
  • It also allows to short sell the shares
  • The brokerage fees is low


  • The time frame is shorter in intraday trading
  • It also required to monitored it closely
  • In this there is no dividend or any other benefits provided

What is Delivery Trading?

Delivery Trading means when the stocks that are brought by the traders are bought for the long term perspective and are added to the Demat account. The shares that owned by the traders are not directly sold by the system like intraday trading but are sold when the traders want to sell it. They keep it in the possession that can be in days, weeks, months or years.


  • It gives benefits for holding the stocks for long-term
  • For Beginners: Delivery trading is safer than intraday trading


  • The main disadvantage is that you are blocking the funds as you are trading for longer-time periods.

Difference between Intraday and Delivery trading

Factors Intraday Trading Delivery Trading
Delivery of Shares In this the stocks are not delivered to the demat account. In this the stocks are delivered to the Demat account.
Ownership of Shares In intraday trading, you do not owe any ownership of the shares. In delivery trading, you get the right of getting the ownership of the shares.
When to sell In intraday trading, you need to square-off the positions in the same day and that’s why it has shorter span of time. In delivery trading, you need to decide when you want to sell the shares you can hold it for longer time period.
Price Momentum In this type of trading, the price moments plays an important role and during the day it is only matters. While in this trading, the trader depends on the returns rather than the price movements.

Approach that the Intraday and Delivery Trades are different:

1. Trading Volumes

This can be the quantity of times a company’s shares were bought and sold throughout every day. Stocks of larger and known corporations usually have high volumes as a result of individuals often obtain and sell them. Consultants suggest sticking out to such stocks for intraday trades. 

This can be as a result of you may be looking on costs ever-changing materially in a very short house of your time. This could be exhausting within the absence of high volumes. Long-run trades rely less on volatility as a result of you’ll defer mercantilism a stock till it reaches your target value. Consultants conjointly use commerce volumes as a key intraday trading indicator.

2. Value levels

A perfect apply is to line value targets and stop losses for each sorts of trades. However they’re additional necessary for intraday trades. Since these trades are additional time-sensitive, opportunities to lower losses and exit at high costs is restricted. Setting value targets and stop losses facilitate build the foremost of such opportunities.

With longer trades, you’ve got the choice to increase your investment amount if you miss your target value. Several traders could even revise their target upwards and hold the stock for extended to attain it. This isn’t doable in associate intraday trade. Once you miss the value level in associate intraday trade, you’ll not get another chance. Similarly, once traders are losing cash, they’ll stay up for the value to rebound within the case of an extended trade. However this tends to be tougher in associate intraday trade.

3. Investment analysis:

Intraday trades are sometimes supported technical indicators. These indicate a stock’s expected short value movements supported its historical value chart. Intraday trades also can be event-driven. For instance, if a corporation wins a serious contract, a merchandiser might want to take a position in its stock hoping that it might appreciate on the day. However neither of those approaches tells you whether or not a corporation is destined for long-run success.

With delivery-based commerce and investment, consultants recommend investment in corporations with robust long-run prospects. This needs associate in-depth analysis of the company’s business setting and internal operations. You conjointly ought to do plenty of computing to grasp the company’s money state of affairs.


Which is better intraday or delivery trading, this is the question every investor or traders may have in their mind. So for that, the solution is that choosing between this two depends on the particular individual on their risk aptitude, their capital investment, and their risk per trade. Everything should be pre-determined and then only the individual can choose about his strategy.

For intraday traders, they do this trading to earn the income quickly and mainly focus on the price while in delivery trading the traders have the motive to trade in the stocks to earn returns in the long-term market. So, in the end, the decision resides within you and your calculations according to only.

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